TRIBUTE TO BOB MARLEY 〜The Birth Of Legend His 71st Birthday〜 に行ってきた!![:en]TRIBUTE TO BOB MARLEY 〜The Birth Of Legend His 71st Birthday〜

日比谷野外大音楽堂で開催されていた「SOUL REBEL」で初めてバンドセットでレゲエのパーティーを体験して以来、レゲエ大好きになってしまった僕ですが、久しくレゲエバンドによる良質なパーティー情報がなくてハッキリ言って音に飢えていました。


そんな僕に飛び込んできたパーティーがTRIBUTE TO BOB MARLEY、ボブ・マーリーの71歳の誕生日を祝うという趣旨でトップアーティストがバンドをバックに歌う!なんて素敵な企画でしょう。

会場は横浜THUMBS UP。ライブハウスだと思っていた店内は、アメリカンな雰囲気で作りこまれていて、普段は料理も店員さんがオーダをとりにくるスタイルみたい。BlueNoteやCOTTON CLUBのBlackMusic版って感じ。


今回、TRIBUTE TO BOB MARLEY に行こう!と思ったきっかけはなんと言ってもTRIBUTE の参加アーティスト!

Since I had a first experience which was a reggae party by the band at “SOUL REBEL” had been held in Hibiya large music hall, I have loved reggae music.

But I was famishing for sound as I couldn’t find any good party information by a reggae band.

A reggae party roots based makes anyone happy.

TRIBUTE TO BOB MARLEY has jumped off the page to me.

To the effect that celebrating the Bob Marley of 71-year-old birthday, Top artists sing by back band! It is really good party!!

The party held THUMBS UP at Yokohama. I thought that it is a live house, but store interior was making American style. It is like the Black Music version of Blue Note and COTTON CLUB. Actually it seemed unlikely.

I thought that participating artists TRIBUTE because the reason why I wanna go to the TRIBUTE TO BOB MARLEY.


FIRE BALL (ファイヤー・ボール)から CHOZEN LEE 、ソウルフルでファンキーな歌唱力を持つKeyco、「am:08:59」のファーストアルバムから最高なレゲエサウンドを出し続ける奇跡の歌声と称される、レゲエ・シンガーRickie-G、DUBSENSEMANIA(ダブセンスマニア)のRAS KANTO、拳POWA(コブシパワー) のKON RYU  と超豪華!

さらにさらに!バックバンドはSaxで有名な SOIL&”PIMP”SESSIONS の 元晴さん、(仮)ALBATRUSからShinju 、Dubbing Stone の Yota 、ALPS BAND の MAYUMI が参加していた。


少し遅れて会場に行くと、店内は既に人でいっぱい!噂を聞きつけた人で前売りチケットはSOLD OUTしていたみたい。


Keyco、CHOZEN LEE、Rickie-G!が次々と。



FIRE BALL, CHOZEN LEE, Keyco with a talented singer of soulful and funky, reggae singer Rickey-G is called that miracle singing voice who keep out the best of reggae sound from a first album “am:08:59”,KANTO of DUBSENSEMANIA and KON RYU of KOBUSHI POWA.

It is splendid artists!!

Besides, it was the big back band joined that famous of sax called Motoharu of SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS, Suinju of ALBATRUS, Yota of Dubbing Stone, MAYUMI of ALPS BAND.

I wanna go to this party!! I must go to there!!

When I go to the venue a little late, it was already full in the venue.

Advance tickets were SOLD OUT.

At once I got Heineken beer and slash through the people, I secured my position.

The second section started soon.

One after another, Keyco, CHOZEN LEE, Rickie-G…

Members boost the thousands of festival every time

Every time they arouse the several thousand audience of the festival who take place premium LIVE in this venue.

It’s fantastic!!





Keyco、CHOZEN LEE、Rickie-Gが一曲歌った後、




I was looking forward to finding like this party.

As I felt thirsty, got some tequila

In encore,

After Keyco, CHOZEN LEE, Rickie-G sang a music, RAS KANTO、KON RYU

RAS KANTO, KON RYU and everyone sang enthusiastically BOB MARLEY.

It was a special night for me.

I hope this party held every week!! I will join this party next year!

photo by Masashi Noda

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