Beat In Me feat. Rhadoo with Dreamrec VJ ~ RAHA 50th Birthday Bash ~


Artists RPR SOUNDSYSTEM(Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Raresh) that showed great upsurge in last year’s April Liquid Room was the impact also still fresh in our minds. One of its members, Rhadoo will come to Japan. After the performance of Ricardo Villalobos, It’s of much note the performance that the original minimal music of the central figure Rhadoo has made the flow. This time, in addition to the Rhadoo, video artist, which is responsible for all the album artwork of a:rpia:r, also invited Dreamrec VJ, of course the sound will be produced a special space in visual as well. So far, it has played an important role in supporting by their visual surface in Fabric and Romania of festivals Sunwave. They will announce a great video to stimulate the vision in this party. In addition, that combined with an organizer RAHA’s the Birthday Bash of 50 years old, TRESVIBES SOUNDSYSTEM, P-YAN & Yasu also liven up the floor.


昨年の4月リキッドルームにおいて素晴らしい盛り上がりを見せた来日アーティストRPR SOUNDSYSTEM(Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Raresh)の衝撃も記憶に新しいが、そのメンバーの1人、Rhadooが来日する。Ricardo Villalobos以降新たなミニマルミュージックの流れをつくってきた中心人物Rhadooのパフォーマンスに注目だ。今回はRhadooのほか、a:rpia:rの全アルバムのアートワークを担当する映像アーティスト、Dreamrec VJも招き、サウンドはもちろんヴィジュアルでも特別な空間を演出する。これまでに、FabricやルーマニアのフェスティバルSunwaveなどで彼らのヴィジュアル面を影で支える重要な役割を果たしており、本パーティでも視覚を刺激する素晴らしい映像を披露してくれるだろう。また、主催者のRAHAの50歳のバースデーバッシュも兼ねており、TRESVIBES SOUNDSYSTEM, P-YAN & Yasuもフロアに華をそえる。


Title:Beat In Me feat. Rhadoo with Dreamrec VJ  ~ RAHA 50th Birthday Bash ~
Time:23:30 OPEN/START
Performer:Rhadoo [a:rpia:r], RAHA (Beat In Me), Dreamrec VJ (Ro, Sunrise), TRESVIBES SOUNDSYSTEM, P-YAN & Yasu (Artemis)
Admission Fee:Tiket ¥3,500 TheDay:4,000円
※20歳未満の方のご入場はお断り致します。年齢確認のため、顔写真付きの公的身分証明書をご持参ください。(You must be 20 and over with photo ID.)

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