Total Solar Eclipse 2016 at Indonesia 皆既日食 インドネシア 2016



March 9, 2016 (Wed) to match the total solar eclipse of the sun seen in Indonesia, Sulawesi Island Palu, from March 7 (Mon) to 11 day for (Fri) open-air festival “ECLIPSE FESTIVAL 2016 SULAWESI INDONESIA” it will be held.

It is held for five days that is the dance festival to bless this time of total eclipse of the sun through the dance music and art Many prominent DJ / artist will appear from all over the world, variety of music and art and the workshop also you will be able to enjoy there.

Also from the DJ star of Japan, Reek and Masa and Mayuri will join in the festival.

And Sulawesi Island Pal has location where the total eclipse of the sun can be perceived even with the naked eye. The eclipse this time will be observed a long period of time approximately for 2 minutes 55 seconds which is a class with the longest solar eclipse of the sun among experienced by the human race. Gathering many artists and travelers from around the world, it would be an unprecedented party. We will report of the party on this site.

2016年3月9日(水)にインドネシア・スラウェシ島パルで見られる皆既日食に合わせて、3月7日(月)から11日(金)にわたり野外フェスティバル「ECLIPSE FESTIVAL 2016 SULAWESI INDONESIA」が開催される。




Performer:Robert Leiner aka Source Experience(R&S Records/H.Productions), Marcus Henriksson aka Son Kite,Minilogue,Nobody Home(Iboga Rec), μ-Ziq aka Mike Paradinas(Planet Mu/Rephlex Records), The Delta(Nachtstrom Schallplatten), Bandulu(Infonet/Foundation Sound Works), Knobs(Nachtstrom Schallplatten/Moth Records), Space Djz to Jamie Bissmire aka Space Djz, Xhin(CLR/Stroboscopic), Artefacts,Token, Secret Cinema(Gem/Drumcode), Space DJz(Soma Quality Recordings), Senyawa(Morphine Records), X-Dream(Tunnel Records Germany/Tip Records), Eat Static(Planet Dog/Interchill Records), Grouch(Zenon Records/Interchill Records), Loopus in Fabula(Fabula Records), Monster Zoku on Somb(Death$ucker Records), Nam Shub of Enki(Death$ucker Records), Nick Taylor aka Prana,Snake Thing(Matsuri/TIP Records), Ollie Olsen aka Shaolin Wooden Men(Psy-Harmonics Records), Space Tribe(Space Tribe Music), Legion of Green Men(Post-Contemporary/Interchill Records), REE.K(Hypnodisk/Space Gathering), MASA(Hypnodisk/Space Gathering), Ray Castle(Matsuri Digital/Demon Tea Recordings), Antediluvian Rocking Horse(Psy-Harmonics/Seeland Records), Psychopod aka Ian Ion,Overlords,Saiko Pod(Dragonfly/TIP Records), Zubzub(Mesmobeat), Ubar Tmar(Panorama Records), Dreamstalker(Zenon Records), Xenoscapes(Demon Tea Records), Datakult(Pleiadian/Manic Dragon Records), and more


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